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Last Updated: Sep 29, 2017 04:45PM CDT
This table allows you to configure which types of certificates to back up, and the password to use when backing them up.  As far as Minion Backup is concerned, there are only two types of certificates: ServerCert, and DatabaseCert. So, this table will only ever have two rows: one for server certificates, and one for database certificates.

Certificates that are enabled and configured for backups, are automatically backed up with every full backup.  For more information on enabling and configuring certificate backups, see the “How to: Configure certificate backups” section.

Note: The certificate backup password is stored encrypted. 
Name Type Description
ID int Primary key row identifier.
CertType varchar Certificate type.
Valid inputs:
CertPword varbinary Certificate password. This is the password
used to protect the certificate backup.
BackupCert bit Flag that determines whether or not to back up this certificate type.


You can back certificates up to as many locations as you like. For example, to back up server certificates to two location, insert one row for each target location into Minion.BackupSettingsPath with BackupType = ‘ServerCert’, and the remaining fields populated as specified in the “How to: Configure certificate backups” section.

Note that certificate entries in Minion.BackupSettingsPath do not need to populate DBName. We use DBName=‘MinionDefault’ in the examples given, but one could just as easily use DBName=’Certificate’, DBName=’ServerCert’, or any other non-null value. The important thing is that BackupType must be set to ‘ServerCert’ or ‘DatabaseCert’.
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