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Change Default Settings - Minion Backup

Last Updated: May 03, 2018 03:47PM CDT
Minion Backup stores default settings for the entire instance in a single row (where DBName=’MinionDefault’ and BackypType=’All’) in the Minion.BackupSettings table.

Warning: Do not delete the MinionDefault row, or rename the DBName for the MinionDefault row, in Minion.BackupSettings!

To change the default settings, run an update statement on the MinionDefault row in Minion.BackupSettings.  For example:
​UPDATE  Minion.BackupSettings
SET     [Exclude] = 0 ,
        [LogLoc] = 'Local' ,
        [HistRetDays] = 60 ,
        [ShrinkLogOnLogBackup] = 0 ,
        [ShrinkLogThresholdInMB] = 0 ,
        [ShrinkLogSizeInMB] = 0
WHERE   [DBName] = 'MinionDefault'
        AND BackupType = 'All';
Warning: Choose your settings wisely; these settings can have a massive impact on your backups.  For example, if you want to verify the backup for YourDatabase, but accidentally set the Verify option for the default instance, all of the additional verify operations would cause an unexpected delay. 
For more information on these settings, see the “Minion.BackupSettings” section.
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