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What’s new in MB 1.5

Last Updated: May 03, 2018 11:03AM CDT
New Features:
  • LogDetails column type changes: In the LogDetails table, the columns for pre/post LogSizeInMB and LogUsedPct were FLOAT, which left you with values like 9.58288955688477, which is just ridiculous. That level of detail simply isn’t necessary and it just bloats the log. These columns have been changed to DECIMAL(18,2) which gives you a value like 9.59 instead. 
  • Check that DB is present before attempting backup: If you’re processing a lot of databases, and one of them is deleted before it gets processed, there’s an ugly error that occurs because a DB in the queue is gone. Now, we’re checking that every DB is present right before we run it. If it’s not there, the LogDetails table is updated with the message: "Complete: Skipped- DB not present.".
  • ReportServerTempDB added to backups. We initially filtered out this DB because it's a temp DB used for SSRS, but a user pointed out that Microsoft recommends backing it up.  So we've added it back.
Issues Resolved:
  • Differential backups weren’t logging MBPerSec column for BackupLogDetails.
  • Log backups weren’t being taken if secondary node is ReadOnly or None. This was because logspace doesn’t return data for these databases. Fix is to connect to the primary, to get the log size values. Also add the -K flag for the sqlcmd statements.
  • Wrong database names showing up in LogDetails table for error certain messages. This showed up as an issue when secondary Availability Group nodes were in ReadIntent mode, and the backups failed as a result.
  • Unwarranted warnings for good backups: The previous issue also caused Warnings in databases where the backups did complete because the error variable wasn’t being cleared out.
  • "Log size" values not logged without ShrinkLogOnLogBackup =1: In the LogDetails table the columns for pre/post LogSizeInMB and LogUsedPct and ShrinkLogOnLogBackup weren’t being populated unless the ShrinkLogOnLogBackup table was set to 1. Now all values are logged regardless. This is to help you track your log sizes so you’ll be able to see the history and make better decisions.
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