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Last Updated: Aug 03, 2016 12:09PM CDT
Minion Enterprise is an enterprise solution for centralized SQL Server management and alerting. This solution allows your database administrator to manage an enterprise of one, hundreds, or even thousands of SQL Servers from one central location. Minion Enterprise provides not just alerting and reporting, but audits, backups, maintenance, configuration, and enforcement.

Minion Enterprise was designed by Microsoft Certified Master database administrators (DBAs) specifically to address the issues that waste the most time and cause the most problems. Minion shrinks dozens of those one-at-a-time tasks down to a central process. And, it does this without the usual overhead of monitoring software.

How to Use The Documentation

The documentation here explains Minion Enterprise, its uses, features, moving parts, and examples.

To get started with Minion Enterprise:

  • Use the Quick Start guide to plan, install, and quickly configure Minion Enterprise. This section also provides a high level introduction of the Minion Enterprise modules (the logical groupings of functionality that make up the ME solution), and some helpful information on retrieving server data.
  • Review Top 20 Features for a quick overview of what Minion Enterprise can do.
  • The Architecture Overview is an extremely important section. It explains essential concepts and philosophies of Minion Enterprise. We highly recommend you read this entire section, and revisit it as necessary.

To accomplish a specific task:

  • “How To” Topics: Basic Configuration provides instructions on common, but optional, configuration items that you can use to fine tune your Minion Enterprise installation.

  • “How To” Topics: Advanced provides instructions on advanced scenarios for Minion Enterprise.

  • Troubleshooting is for shooting troubles. Specifically, troubles with Minion Enterprise.

And, to learn more and find information on a topic:

  • Look through the different modules; these are references for each area of functionality in ME. This is the place to go, to learn about all the pieces connected to a specific component – for example, the Instance Configuration Module.

  • Reference FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions, of course.​
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